Saturday, 23 February 2013



There is a smoke the angels make,
you can observe on a moonless night,
when the stars are eternally burning,
against the blackness of oblivion.

Follow the trail of the scentless rise
of vapors ascent against the sky.
Trace the line back to find it's source,
and see the face the angels make.

This of course is not their true form
but a visage created for you,
to humble the essence for the eyes of some
who would die at the full revelation.

For an angel is terrible to the mortal frame,
for the same reason you are warned
Not to utter the holy name.
You are human after all,
and to approach the holy, you must be hidden
from the glory of the same.

For there is a smoke the angels make,
you can observe on a moonless night,
when the stars are eternally burning,
against the blackness of oblivion.

Friday, 22 February 2013


The dream is of a basement
With wide grey concrete footings
forming a ledge around the perimeter.
This is my basement from my childhood.
And water seeping in, clean clear water,
Filtered by the earth and lying level against the uneven surfaces.
Pumps and hoses are attempting to get it out
But more comes in at equal rate.
And an old grey ghost, short and straight
says, I will help you later, but for now I will rest.

Tom Waits

The scent of life is faint
The stink of hell is rank
No money in the bank
Locked up inside the tank

Then I woke up
Then I woke up

Sinking in the sand
Losing sight of land
Reaching for your hand
To hear you say goddamn

Then I woke up
Then I woke up

Forty thousand me's
All with the disease
Losing by degrees
You're taking what you please

Then I woke up
Then I woke up

I wish that you would care
Share in my despair
All I did declare
Was I was not there

Then I woke up
Then I woke up

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

It is a Gift

What is the opposite of saving?
Is it sacrificing
or is it allowing
everything and everyone
to be
what they are:
pain mixed with joy,
sorrow blended with the most
exquisite perceptions
of beauty.
It is a gift, the ability
to see everything once-
to notice it all-
just for the moment-
even if it is your last

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Small Selves

My life was wound as a propeller elastic,
bundled coiled stretches waiting to let go,
and the little balsa wood plane was carried
airborne across the room to land once
or twice and then forgotten, forsaken for
battery powered remote controlled plastic.

Me with books that say we all should matter,
not just those in high places, not just the
talented or the beautiful, but that you and I
have a calling to make our lives count, and
that our small selves hold the world in a glass,
For it is the meek who inherit the earth.

Friday, 8 February 2013

The Particle Theory in the Sermon on the Mount

Let your light shine before men in order that they may see your good works and in order that they may glorify your father who is in heaven.

Jesus speaking to his disciples.

You will have heard of the particle/wave theory of light, that when you put it under certain conditions it is a wave of energy and when you put it under different conditions it is seen as particles.

So here we are told to let light shine. I would suggest that this is the energy of a christian believer, faith, buoyancy, joy, devotion ,forgiveness, love, the energy (or spirit) of god. I would also add that this is the wave. This is what people want to feel.

Then we are told that they should see our good works, as if it was a forgone conclusion; if you become the wave then the works appear. Just like physics where light can be particle or wave, light seems to have no preference. You get my point. Share in the divine energy and do good works; no effort involved.

And that will glorify the father. When the miraculous appears it is strange and unrehearsed, fresh, vital and alive. It will never be misconstrued. It will always get the type of attention that will leave the taste of the divine in all our mouths.