Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Moment

The Moment

The kid screams and throws a fit.
The wife chews me out.
The boss calls me up on that
And I exit so pissed off.

And then the wife takes kid to bed.
I turn the cell phone off.
The humid day fades and fades
And it begins to rain.

Sound of trilling in the dark,
Crickets stop and start,
A cool damp breeze through the screen
As I sit alone.

I let it all go, open mind
Allowing me to be
One with nothing, empty free
Being, just being, being.

Friday, 16 August 2013

The right place, at the right time

Dr. John had it right,
because they never line up,
the time and the place
until destiny forges a moment,
like a spike driven through
the veil of your chaos.

Such force to produce
the still small voice.
This is the time.
This is the place,
to hazard it all
on a chance so slim,
it will determine your life.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Yellow Submarine

I once had it
Staying out all night
Wandering star webs
Humidity like dew
Condensing like sweat
On young tense skin

We were heroes in space
Sitting in sand
On a hill in the Ganny
Listening to Ringo ask

Where is he
the nowhere man
Did he fall into a black hole
Did a blue meanie find him

Call out for Jeremy
who disappeared
I hope he returns
in  magical mystery
with a bright coloured jacket
and long sparkling hair
and white dazzling eyes
Something to free us

Monday, 5 August 2013


Friends are a place of cool sweet air,
the lake beaching in soft loose curls,
seagulls riding waves of the breeze
with the fierce independence of eagles.

Enemies are thunderstorms that rise
expanding in clouds like smoke,
building mischief into the ground,
releasing charges of light frenetic.

One follows the other.
The other follows the one.
Both are freedom wanted.
Both are freedom gained.