Thursday, 19 December 2013

Absence a Presence

The way the air saturates,
flailing out of the mist,
grey into white, fog into sleet,
slush at my feet.

Face stings in the cold,
fresh to my touch,
hair soaked to my scalp,
brain freezing again.

Soaked to my knees.
but my parka is down,
and keeps the core warm.
My cocoon in the storm.

The waters rush like
a thousand whales breaching.
White foam in the night,
no seagulls, no screeching.

I feel your absence a presence
a comfort this wet that
collects at my boots,
keeps me sloshing around.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

My Mind Takes Place

Billie Holiday was on the radio.
And I was having a hard time
making my mind take place.
You know, I have my reasons
for the ongoing participation
in this experiential sequence.
Especially, since some (so called)
time has passed.

Nothing is more permanent 
than the temporary.
Like eating bread and 
making no crumbs.
Or, when death will part
us from these kids.

See the bud, it stands
for all things,
even things that don't flower.
Sometimes it's necessary
to re-teach a thing 
It's loveliness.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Wild and Free

Her hair loose in the wind, wild and free.
With top down speeds and open sky night,
warm summer sweat between seat and me,
mapping our lives in broken line light.

With top down speeds in open sky night,
we don't talk, we just want to drive.
Mapping our lives with broken line light,
feeling, not touching, senses alive.

We don't talk, we just want to drive.
Warm summer sweat between her and me.
Feeling, not touching, our senses alive.
She's loose in the wind, wild and free.

Monday, 9 December 2013


How did you find your feelings
after the marriage broke down
with your vows long forgotten
when the house and the cars and the cottage
came to claim more meaning
than the last thirty years and the kids
growing up and the dogs and the pups,
long rides in the car in warm summer nights
the windows all down and her feet on your lap,
her hair blowing wild and free.

How in God's name could you watch it all fail,
like the plate glass window after the bullet
with thick bands of tape holding it up
until the window guys came.
How in the hell could you 
keep it together.

You managed, but now,
your soul's in three pieces and
you sit on the street with your 
head in your knees.
Your house is empty and
the lights are turned off.
I hear you cough and
I want to go down 
to see you again
but then
I decide, it's all too much for me.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Genesis Love Song

If I reach beyond the 
borders of self
and fall into your
will I be saved?

If you catch me within
the web of love
and you cannot hold
will you be damned?

If we both fall from grace,
becoming one,
where gravity fails
will souls be lost?

I don't think so.
Dissolved selves
make the best brine,
for the new world